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Gangandi‘ was the last song we made before the recording sessions for ‘Heimdal’ took place. We sensed that it was a little bit to the left of the rest of the material. When Grutle started to figure out what to sing over it, he ended up writing a poem in cross rhyme in archaic western Norwegian, which even separated the whole effort even further away from the rest of the material. We ended up not including it on the album, other than as a bonus track on the most “exclusive” and limited vinyl versions.
That said, that doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy the song! Quite the contrary! We love this odd little hybrid of folk rock, early Mayhem and King Crimson! It just ended up being the weird cousin of the rest of the songs. Kind of like Enslaved itself as a matter of fact.



Heimdal 2LP (clear w/ black/gold marble)

Heimdal Limited CD Digipack w/BluRay

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