“E” trailer #3 – The recording process

Sep 20, 2017

We are happy to unveil today the third album trailer, in which guitarist and songwriter Ivar Bjørnson guides you through the recording studio where »E« was created, while singer and bassist Grutle Kjellson explains our working relationship with co-producer and long-time friend Iver Sandøy. Watch the trailer here:

Grutle comments: “The whole recording process took about 3 or 4 weeks. The album is produced like usual by Iver Sandøy, Ivar and myself. The album was mixed by Jens Bogren at the Fascination Street studio in Sweden and this was the 4th time that he did the mix for us and we’re really satisfied about the result – top notch work this time too, buddy!”

In case you missed the stunning music video of the 10 minute epic single ‘Storm Son’ animated by Josh Graham [SOUNDGARDEN, NEUROSIS] you can watch it here

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