Feb 16, 2016

As of February 2016, Enslaved joined All Independent Service Alliance’s (AISA) roster. AISA co-manages the band, and also provide the  infrastructure and know-how needed for new solutions in other areas – go to the Store to see exactly what that means!

Enslaved’s own Ivar comments: “We are in our 25th year as a band and we are now at a crossroad. We have been working with the same management and merch company for a long time, but now the management have closed their doors to work in other sectors of showbiz and we want to have a go at doing other parts of the “biz” side of things ourselves. As we no longer had management as of last year, I have had to deal a lot of these things for the band myself. Through my non-musical work I have gotten to know Simon [Fülleman] from AISA very well, and have developed a great respect and liking for the business ideology behind AISA (liking and respecting him on a personal level was in place way before that). That is why I, and my band mates, have chosen to enter into a collaboration with AISA in (finally) opening our own webstore through their technical solution, as well as initiating a hopefully long-term cooperation with AISA as our co-management. We are full of excitement and hopes for getting to work on the band’s life-long dream; namely doing our thing entirely on our own terms, with the help the best support there is.”

AISA co-founder Simon Fülleman is no less enthusiastic: “we have established a roster we are very proud to work with in the realms of management, consulting, D2C web solutions as well as distribution and label management. We are especially happy to work with exquisite and outstanding bands like Enslaved, Skuggsjà or Wardruna. A true testament to the quality of our work which makes us stand out. We are especially proud to have a mix of established and new artist – all of them very unique and exciting!”

Cato adds: “A possible anagram of “Enslaved” + “AISA” is “naval seaside”.