Ivar, Grutle and Ice Dale endorsed by Monson Guitars!

Jan 25, 2018

We are thrilled to announce that we now have endorsements from Monson Guitars for Ivar, Grutle AND Icedale! So grateful!

Grutle says: “My very first encounter with Monson instruments was at a show with the exellent and talented band YOB at the Roadburn festival a couple of years back. The sound of Mike’s guitar was so massive that I immediately fell in love! Monson has it all! Sharp treble, massive and bearing mid and most important; a heavy and totally crushing bass! I’m really exited to get to know this monster of an instrument in the very near future! Thanks for having me on board!”

The luthier Brent Monson had this to say:
“Well, it’s nice to be familiar with a band and their music to begin with. You’re not looking to reinvent their sound. You want something that is aggressive, but versatile enough to have refinement, as needed. With just a little input from the guys about body styles and preferences, instinct took over for me. This month marks my 17th year building, so I’d like to think at this point I’ve honed my instincts to understand what an artist needs. I went out to the shop and dug through my stash of wood to find the magic pieces that I’ve been collecting and have waited for the right time to use. You just know what to do at that point because it’s not hard to imagine standing on a stage and understand what the artist would want the guitar to be like.”

Ivar’s Nomad – High gloss black finish – “E” icon inlay – walnut neck thru, alder body – BareKnuckle Black Hawk pickups

Ice’s PaleHorse – walnut burl top – sapele, walnut, ash body – ‘obsidian oil’ rub finish / flat black finish – Seymour Duncan Nazgul / Sentient set

Grutle’s Mystic Bass – Walnut crotch top, Black Limba body, walnut neck thru – natural hand rubbed oil finish – Bartolini M34C pickup set