Mar 3, 2023

Today we celebrate the worldwide release of Heimdal with our “Heimhug”. We want to express our gratitude for all the positive feedback so far. We hope that you’ll enjoy the record, now that you’re holding your physical copies in your hands or can listen to the album on streaming platforms.

Grutle Kjellson states: “After more than three decades, I still get excited when I hear Ivar’s demos; we may be older now, and as life has evolved are unable to spend as much time on music as we would like, but the song writing process for Enslaved hasn’t changed much. Ivar works on the seeds and shapes of songs, sends them to the rest of us, and we’ll form our own narratives – these phantom sketches eventually come to life and they speak to us, and hopefully they speak to our fans as well.

In my opinion, our band is even more creative, more experimental, more diverse and somehow more musical than when we started. I suppose one of the main reasons we continue as a band is that we have never reached a place where we bore ourselves. Our passion for telling stories, writing riffs, put words to them and exploring the human condition through music and myth, has only increased over the years and Heimdal is a reflection of who we are as artists, musicians and human beings in the year 2023.”

Enjoy and see many of you tonight at USF Verftet, Bergen!

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