Nov 19, 2022

Listen to Congelia here

“The story of the video is bizarre in its simplicity; I sent the song and lyrics to Marius and Eirik at Kolibri Media (our serious collaboration started with the Big Band-project) with the message “no instructions – do what you feel is right for this song”. It all worked out and here we are.

We can’t blossom anymore because we deny the existence of rot and decay. We are baffled by the lack of bliss and happiness as we have excluded and outsourced experiencing anything unpleasant (watching others suffering because for instance anonymous bullying is a popular pastime). We aren’t afraid of Death – we aren’t anything in relation to Death – it is simply taken out of the equation – so living doesn’t feel that special. What we are actually doing to each other and the life around us is beyond language; too much to take in. We congeal. But, what freezes can also thaw.” – Ivar Bjørnson