New York By Norse presents Kim Holm art exhibition and live painting!

Nov 17, 2016

The New York By Norse event, presented together by By Norse and Noisey, will host a unique exhibition and live painting performance by our dear friend, Norwegian creative artist and motion designer Kim Holm! The artist will display his works and art during an exhibition taking place on Saturday December 10th at the Gramercy Theatre, from 5pm to 8pm.

Kim’s work is based on the fundamental idea or truth that art is made to be shared freely, and that this cannot happen without overturning our current copyright regime. He often works directly with ink, using music and meditation techniques to let his subconscious explore themes of horror, death, dream, and fantasy, while still desperately trying to achieve the energy of an American comic book.

The highlight of Kim’s artistic presence at New York By Norse will be a live painting he will perform during our “Enslaved 25 Then and Now – Two sets, one night” show. The paintings created will then be sold after the show, signed by both the artist and us. Kim says about his live painting performances:

« Drawing live metal concerts is possibly the best way to experience concerts, when it works. Banging your head, spilling that ink, looking for those magic moments where you’re one with the music and what happens on stage just seems to flow out through your brush. It’s amazing. When it doesn’t work, there’s a lot more cursing involved. »

Kim and us have known each other for more than a decade now, and we already collaborated on this kind of artistic happenings! He adds about our relationship:

« My first encounter with Enslaved was here in Bergen in the mid-nineties, involving a traded tape and a discussion on who was the most viking metal. Personally I didn’t get into them before the more psychedelic Monumension-era. They often end up on my work soundtracks, and drawing them is always a highlight, and in New York I will again try to capture their unique blend in ink. »

Tickets for Saturday Dec. 10th @ Gramercy Theatre are still available but moving fast. Get your ticket for this once-in-a-lifetime event now HERE. More information about New York By Norse HERE



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