Jun 25, 2021

Our “Cinematic Tour 2020” live albums and DVDs release is out today!

To make the day even more special, we’re sharing one more live video out of it with you all: “Homebound” performed at our virtual release show “Utgard – The Journey Within”! Enjoy the full video on YouTube! The 4 live albums are now on all digital streaming platforms like Spotify, AppleMusic, Deezer, TIDAL and the like, for you to dive into!

Iver Sandøy ponders; “Ah, the live album… Some of my all time favourite albums have been concert recordings. On top of that list I’ll put Made In Japan by Deep Purple and Live After Death by Iron Maiden. As a youngster, I spent more time listening to these cassettes on my little walkman than any other album since. Both those stellar collections of career defining performances by each of those bands were, incidentally, captured for posterity by the brilliant Martin Birch. He sadly left us in August 2020, right as Enslaved were working on these «virtual» performances that we are now, finally, releasing properly in all the classic formats.
The classic live albums of the 70s and 80s stand as monuments to not only amazing performances by the artists, but also a celebration of the bond between them and their audiences.
The parallell universe that was 2020 forced Enslaved to find other ways to honour that bond.
We could not hear you scream for us from your living rooms as we performed, but these recordings stand as a testament, and indeed, a monument, to the eternal gratitude we feel towards you, our fans.”